Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A New Direction

Now a few months into this blogging experience and I have to admit that I have hit a wall. During the last few weeks I have found it increasingly difficult to produce material for my blog. I can try to reason with myself and say things like " I just haven't had the time," but the reality is that I just sorta ran out of things to say.

Along with this realization comes a new commitment to my blog. A commitment to make it something special, something unique, something useful or entertaining and something that is ... well ... ME! I am going to shift my focus from collecting and sharing useful information about a New York move, to a more personal, inside look at my own personal journey.

From here on out, expect to hear more from me. I will still do my best to collect useful resources and information, however, I will also try to bring stories and specific examples of daily activities that I see as helping me get to New York. Hopefully, these new tidbits will provide an idea of the kinds of things one should be doing when trying to land a job and relocate to a place like New York.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


First of all, I apologize for not posting during the last week. I am unsure if I have any regular readers yet, but I should have been doing a much better job of posting. I have been working on resumes, business cards and phone calls for my trip to New York. I am currently in New York, (actually - Hoboken, NJ) for a week of interviews and personal meetings.

I had my first NY interview today and it went fairly well. If there is anything I can stress to someone wanting to move to New York it is this - MAKE A TRIP. Even though I am here and planning to move here over the summer I am still having a hard time convincing people I am serious. It seems like people in New York need to know that you are committed and actually going to be here.

Make a trip and interview. Let people know you are serious. It is the first step to lining up a job in New York.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hit the streets

Here is a posting I found on another site. I thought that it was great advice, especially if you are trying to go into advertising. The last few times I have come to New York I have been trying to spend time getting to know the city. The tourist stuff is for the birds. It is real when you hit the streets.

My girlfriend and me are going to New York late 2007 for at least half a year. While she's the one doing the important work over there, I'll be having a lot of time on my hands. Therefore I thought that it would be a great opportunity to improve my advertising skills.

I'm a Danish copywriter in a big Danish agency, so it could naturally be within copywriting, but since I'm only occassionally doing English copy, maybe it would be better to find something related to such fluffy subjects as "concept development", "creative ideas", "creative strategy" and so on. You know.. an abstact step beyond writing. But both could be interesting.

Could anyone recommend any schools, courses, seminars etc in New York? Economy is luckily not the big issue during our stay, so I'm pretty flexible as to working for almost nothing in an agency. Doesn't have to be a school. In Denmark we used to have a dedicated advertising school, where the different agencies would pay a fortune to educate their employees when needed. Is there anything similar in New York?

Thank you very much for constructive feedback! Highly appreciated.

Submitted by klop on Fri, 2006-11-03 15:40.
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Submitted by albatross on Sun, 2006-11-05 07:49.

most of the schools in NYC are for juniors and really there's nothing for professionals to hone their skills.. You might be able to take an "advanced advertising" course at the School for the Visual Arts.....but most programs don't let you show up and take a non-beginner class.

I would say, if economy (as you say) is not an issue, then spend your time getting to know the city. THAT would be the biggest asset to advertising. NYC is the most culturally, artistically, socioeconomically, etc DIVERSE city in the world (in my opinion).....

roam it's streets, go to every museum you can, eat at hotdog vendors, observe the city's people.....GUARANTEED to improve your worldview and, subsequently, improve your advertising skills. (and i don't mean touristy sight-seeing....the statue of liberty is a waste of time.

In jazz music, going through formal education is a waste of time...you have to get out to clubs and just PLAY with other musicians. I would relate that to your situation....why take a class if you're already a PRO....CULTURE is your school, so go out and get some.

by the way, near NYU campus is a bar called the Blue&Gold....every alcoholic drink you could think of, every shot, every beer, every type of whiskey or scotch.... $3. $3!!!!!